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DISCLAIMER: I reopened Facebook for a while, but in october 2013 I decided to close it again. In this post I wrote some thoughts I had, and part of them remains the same. New things could be added, but actually it’s not worth it. I decided to close it again because I don’t get the point. I really tried, but I don’t get it. I’m a twitter heavy user and I find it more useful and fun. For people complaining that could be my fault because I’ m not able to use it, COULD BE. But Facebook is a tool , and I don’t want to think how to maximize its use. It was a personal profile with some stupid shit on it. I’m not a brand or something, so without too much thoughts, I closed it again. Plus I saw bad things coming out from Facebook, things I don’t and won’t understand to not lose faith in people.

You can find me on twitter or you know…..in the real life (maybe at a NIN + QOTSA + Foo Fighters concert while drinking a Corona). Avoir,adieu,goodnight. 

here the original post:

I closed Facebook a week ago.

What a relief. I had only people complaining about stuff in there, and I had even a lot of “friends” that actually I don’t even know the real name in the real life.

People were sending stupid request like “add my birthday to your calendar” . You know what? I don’t even know your name, why should I remember your birthday? and even if I do add it, is it really important for you? I wanna know because at this point you have problems. Mental ones.

People were fighting about stupid stuff. And I was part of those fighting because I cannot stay in silence, and sometimes people are bothering so much that my nerves explode. But then I asked in private messages to continue the conversation in a real way: no answer.

People were inviting me to join some games: ok. I don’t play online games. But you are supposed to know that since you are among my friend. NOPE, you don’t know it because you don’t know me.

Few times I tried to ask something serious: zero answers. So, what’s the point? Only if you put a photo of yourself naked in the streets of Berlin, you can have comments and people saying: “oh yeah, he is my friend!” .

Groups. I had some really bad experiences. People living in a virtual environment, they don’t know a shit about “real” life. Really, people: facebook is not real life.

People. I met people telling me a lot about me just because they saw my facebook photo albums or they read a public status. BUT, who the hell are you? I mean, really? you think to know a person only because you are looking to his facebook profile? It has been said: ” I use facebook to stay in touch with my school buddies”. Well, honestly: for 80% of the time, I have no interest to stay in touch with people only because of Facebook. If I care about people, I know other way to contact them, because they are “real” in my life. So yeah, using facebook for purely staying in touch with people is an excuse, because somehow you are blocked to click on “deactivate account” for some reasons. Psychologists are having hard time with this stuff I think.

Not to mention it was quite hard to “deactivate” my account. Yeah, not “delete” because if you login again everything is there, like a magic. And this is bothering me a lot. You have to give an answer on “why you want to deactivate your FB account”. NO, I don’t wanna give you an answer, am I free to do whatever I want? Plus, really photos of “friends” in the last steps of deactivating the account saying “You’ll me missed”. Come on! This is done for jamming my neurons and I don’t like. Should be simple: you wanna to delete? YES. Put your password. DONE.

So yeah, fuck facebook. Put your face in the streets, in a bar, whatever, and live the real life.


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19 Comments Fuck Facebook

  1. lorenzo grandi

    It’s not only about Facebook. It’s sitting in front of a screen that makes people worse. The lack of real interaction. What do you think?

    1. Alessio Madeyski

      thanks for the comment. to be honest I have a profile because I have some pages to admin, but I’m not very active on the private profile. Mostly there are photos from Instagram.

      But yes..the thought is always the same. I’m not a big fan.

    1. Alessio

      yeah, totally! are you happy of your amazing work?
      yeah, I have a profile to manage some pages, for work and for other projects.
      Still, I think the same of facebook. I’m gonna put that I have a profile anyway in the post, so maybe you’re happier.

  2. Mike

    This is not an argument for or against using Facebook and I’m certainly not going to congratulate or try to convince you that your decision is wrong but just a few observations:

    Ads aside, it is entirely your decision what kind of experience you get from it. If you don’t want to be friends on Facebook with people from when you were 5 years old then don’t be. If people you are friends with now keep asking you for sheep or magic lanterns, tell them to stop it or stop getting data from their feeds.

    There was an SEO panel a few years ago where a gaming operator complained about affiliates not updating their details and having old offers on pages that drove traffic. The panel consensus was that it was the affiliates responsibility to manage what people linking to them were doing.

    In my opinion you have the same responsibility if you wan’t a positive experience on a social network, curate yo shit.

    1. Alessio

      thanks for adding this Mike!
      nice to see some opinions different from mine. I used to have facebook, and I “enjoyed” it for quite few years. Always had a complicated relationship with it, and finally I delete the thing.
      If my decision is wrong, well, it certainly is NOT for me. I’m finding other socials more interesting, twitter in primis.
      Facebook just gave me a bad experience overall: Wasn’t I able to curate my shit? yep, could be, but I don’t want to curate something like Facebook honestly, not for personal reason. I’m looking around and I’m finding a lot of people living inside facebook, and that’s really sad. When I tried to curate the page, I had no results; when I was writing something really stupid – to see people reaction – everyone was there to comment and like. so yeah, the problem to me was that facebook did not bring any good thing to my life but problems.

      thanks for the comment again, Mike.

  3. Gonzo

    I mostly have family on my facebook. They all try to get me to behave. I shit on the chest of their wishes. I post things I know they (and other Liberals) hate. I also go in on Conservatives because they too are wrong. I don’t use it for much other than that, because it is dull and crawling with the type of folks that think they have any idea of how politics work. I have been blocked by most of the ones, that cannot accept truths, but they hear it from me anyways. Fuck off, you never wished me a happy birthday in high school, why are you doing it now? I am a jerk on there, so I don’t have to be on twitter.

    1. Alessio

      I approve your technique. My last days on twitter were like that: just “spamming” stupid things or irritating things and see people reactions. 😀

      thanks for the comment Don. 🙂

  4. Jess

    I recently went to my high school reunion (yaaah I did…) and no one showed up because of Facebook. AND! The ones who did assumed they knew everything about me because we have each other on Facebook. I was hoping for catchup conversations and “oh I haven’t actually spoken to you in a decade, how do you feel about x” but no one cared for that.
    Catching up, re-connecting and communicating isn’t what it used to be with Facebook in our lives.
    I commend your power to deactivate, I can’t bring myself to do it… yet 🙂

    1. Alessio

      Thanks for the comment Jess.
      totally understand what you are saying…I heard similar cases and it was so sad listening to them in a way.
      Thing is for 90% of the cases, people simply don’t care. why they pretend to only because of facebook?

    1. Alessio

      yep, good question!

      I started adding “strangers” as “friends” at the end, when I already decided I was going to close facebook soon.
      To me, it was an experiment. I added a lot of people who didn’t know me, and so I had the confirmation something wrong with people and with the tool. Moreover, when I started to add “strangers” , a lot of other “strangers” began to add me.

  5. Ivan

    Hahaha 🙂 I share similar views on Facebook.

    I’m pretty sure that Facebook and similar sites (Twitter?) make people mentally unstable.


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