Google doesn’t like scarves, not all at least

I’m working at Zalando, a big fashion e-commerce. To be honest I’m not so much into the fashion stuff, but I have to deal with it since I have a job that I like a lot.

To me a scarf is a piece of textile covering your neck when it’s cold. Period. Like this:

Pashmina: strange name to define a scarf.I cannot wear wool scarves, otherwise a terrible irritation all over my neck is going to happen. So I like what people call pashmina, like a scarf but not made of wool (this is the meaning for me).

I didn’t know there are people out there who are spending a lot of euros (really a lot) for a scarf, but in our store we have few of them. Like them or not, I know they value a lot because they are hand-made by big fashion brands.

Since I’m working for the italian market, I always want to find information about our brands and their products in¬†, in order to understand better what it is interesting about that brand and what people want when they search for it.

So, few days ago, I decided to search for “sciarpe Kenzo” (meaning “Kenzo scarves” ) in :

Kenzo scarves query in

And I said, wow. Til now I didn’t even know about the existence of “kenzo scarves” and now I have more than 4.800.000 results for them. My initial thought was: “They seems to be famous, I’m gonna create something special for our customers”.

But after that, I realize one thing. Somehow did not considered my query as it is, but it showed:

Google suggestion for Kenzo scarvesWHAT?

What the hell happened? but, above all? why? I mean I’m searching for “sciarpe kenzo” and you are showing to me results for “scarpe tennis” (tennis shoes)? This made me laugh, a lot. I mean, I can understand you are confused between “sciarpe” and “scarpe” (so, between “scarves” and “shoes” ), but why are you not reading “kenzo” and you are putting “tennis” ?

And this is bad, because if people are really looking for “sciarpe Kenzo” we are the second results in the SERPs and so it could be really cool for us.

We all know about Google auto-correcting things (now showing directly SERPs for the thing Google thinks it’s what you are searching), and to me most of the time is really good, because I make a lot of¬†misspellings in the search field. But the auto-correction has its limit when it leads to have results for something you don’t want to see or you didn’t ask for. And it’s annoying.

So, I was thinking: maybe does not like Kenzo scarves. Come on, they are not too bad. And moreover: when it’s winter or you want to put something elegant around your neck, tennis shoes are not the best choice.

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