Google+ vs Facebook: an opinion

This is the story of me, falling in love with Google+.

When Google+ came out , I tried to get an invite as soon as possible to enter the new Google social network . Why? Because it’s something from Google, and it’s always worthy to see what the Big G is doing.

When I was in for the very first time , I immediately notice the design: freaking amazing, and a lot of better than Facebook.

Problem is: nobody was there and so I just played around a bit to see new features and differences with facebook.

Google Plus -

I have to admit. I have a bad relationship with Facebook for a lot of reason. I don’t like the design (even the new timeline) first of all. I consider Facebook like a tool where you can get excited to see photos from people you barely know. I have Facebook, and I’m using it just for fun. There I always – almost – joke, make some stupid comments, but most of all I really have fun looking to what people are sharing in this social network. I just don’t get it, at least not 100%.

On the other hand, Google+. I’m keep saying Google Plus is like Twitter, only you can write more than 140 characters. Maybe that’s why I really like it, because I also like and use Twitter. Plus (getting the joke? :D) I like the interface.

So I decided to spend more time on Google+ and less in facebook, and people keep saying ‘why? there is nobody in plus. It’s like a desert’. OH! you think? well, you’re wrong.

Nobody is better than you -

Right now I am following 153 people or pages. So, no bad! but you know what’s awesome? That almost all the people I’m following are talking about things I am interested about, things I wanna share, things I have to understand, things I want to learn. They are not there just to talk about how they got drunk yesterday or to share a photo about them in front of a mirror to show they have an iphone.

First thing I like a lot: Google+ is more serious , more interesting, and I hope it will stay like this.

People in G+ are sharing something, and 95% of the time is something great. Here people are willing to share something, even when they are just sharing a link to a blogpost. They have the space to add something, and they usually do.

Second thing I like a lot: Google+ has content and not only photos about you drunk or of your dog like in facebook.

Facebook is personal. And it’s closed, so it’s really rare I’m learning something there. Google Plus is open (better, a lot of people are sharing thing in a public way, so looks like that) and so I have the change to learn tons of great things about SEO, technology…. I mean, when was the last time you found a great content on facebook? NEVER.

Third thing I like a lot: Google+ is helping me increasing my skills.

I’m seeing a great post, and I want to comment, say my opinion even if the person who shared that is not my ‘friend’ (facebook has devalued this word a lot). And BOOM! , I’m connected with people from all other the world, saying I’m wrong or saying I’m right…doesn’t matter, I’m talking and discussing with someone, and there I’m learning a lot.

Fourth thing I like a lot: in Google+ you can discuss and engage with a lot of cool people!

So, let’s face it. Since I’m using a lot twitter and I’m trying to use more Google+ , how can I integrate the two? I wanted to find a way to automatically share my G+ comments on twitter. I came across this post by Chris about how to post to your social media accounts from Google+. And here we go. Your Plus feed is automatically posted on twitter, using IFTT and a tool to generate your GooglePlus RSS feed.

Fifth thing I like a lot: Google+ / Twitter integration. hey, this is cool.

The design. I prefer to spend my time on a social I like to see. I never liked Facebook design, and with the recent changes my opinion is not changed. I’m liking a lot Google+ design: photo albums, the news stream, your circles and so on. 

Facebook complaining | someecards

Sixth thing I like a lot: Google+ is amazing to see. I would like to hug it, to eat it, I don’t know it seems soft to me. (damn, I need a vacation).

Now let’s talk about SEO. what? yes, SEO. Remember? I am an SEO. it’s not a disease, it’s a passion. And when you talk about SEO, a name immediately come up: Rand Fishkin. He talked why every marketer should be on Google Plus here and in general there are tons of articles and posts talking why it’s good to join the Big G social network. Personally, I like the fact when someone is searching your name and you are on Google+, your profile appears on the results, and so people looking for you can start following you easily. My twitter account is there too, but as a normal cold distant link , while Google+ profile in SERPs is looking like this:

My awesome Google+ profile in SERPs

Plus (again, got the joke?) when you’ll start using the google search plus your world thing, you can see what people you’re following like and suggest..and, you trust your friends right? more than a cold and impersonal result from Google I imagine.

Seventh thing I like a lot: Google+ profile is important for Google search. And we all use google to search things. So , 1 + 1… (wow, kinda happy of these jokes!)

Let’s talk about mobile: I have an android. I wanted an iPhone, but then I thought: I have already an iPad and a Mac, why not try something from Google? (moreover, I did not want to spend a lot of money to take some pictures with instagram). I have both Google+ and Facebook apps. Facebook app for android sucks. I don’t like it. It’s heavy, slow…I don’t know , could be my phone, but Google Plus app is working really good.

GooglePlus mobile app for android

Eighth thing I like a lot: Google+ app for mobile.

When I am in Google+ I have gChat at hand, you can play Youtube videos in the same page, and then you have the black bar and you can go to your gMail, or to search something about the last news about Aphex Twin. So, all the things I’m using every minute are perfectly integrated. And if you have mentions, discussions, or whatever, you have always the red alarm saying to you: hey, someone is talking about you, go check it out.

Ninth thing I like a lot: Google+ is part of the Google family products. You have everything in one place.

Google products talking

So, I’m not an expert, and I’m not a geek. I just wanted to tell you why I like Google+ more than Facebook. I read a lot about it and there are pros and cons like everything in the world. But try it, if you haven’t already, and don’t be shy to try a thing that is different from Facebook.

Facebook IS NOT everything.

Be open-minded.


This post was written listening to “MU.ZZ.LE” by Gonjasufi.

muzzle by gonjasufi

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