I’ve got you in my pocket


2015. What a year already. 

I moved from Milano to Berlin.

I got a new job in Berlin.

I got a home in Berlin.

I’m getting married in 3 months.

I’m gonna see friends I don’t see since years.

I’m not gonna see friends I wanna see because they live in the other part of the world, and they cannot make it.

The ceremony is gonna last 5 minutes.

We are gonna throw a good rock and roll party after the ceremony.

I have a good friend preparing a good goddamn setlist for the party.

Got friends taking planes to come and party with us.

Got friends taking trains to come and party with us.

Got a sister-in-law taking a 2 days journey to come and party with us. She got the rings.

Gonna marry my 8-year friend and lover Giulia.

We are not making a honeymoon right away because everyone is doing that.

We are making a honeymoon when we feel like it.

2015. What a year.


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