How I gained a link from Seth Godin

This type of title is abused in the SEO world. But I did.

It’s not matter of massive link building campaign, or stalking.

I just used my passion for something.

Seth Godin

Last spring I read “Stop Stealing Dreams“, a free ebook by Seth Godinย about what’s wrong in the school system nowadays. The book is really interesting, and Seth is there just to start a discussion about the problem, and he wants you to do something to change the current school situation.

During my reading, I was thinking: “damn, I agree with him 100%, and most of the things he is saying are the same things I experienced when I was a student”.

The book, of course, is in English. So, my first thought was: this book should be available even in Italian (as you all know, I’m Italian).

In the official page of the book , Seth Godin is saying that people are free to translate the manifesto.


In few hours, I set up the italian project called “Non rubate i sogni“, and I asked a friend of mine to do the graphics. Then, with the help of Giulia, I started translating the whole ebook, and everyday I published each one of the 133 chapters. At the same time, I updated the facebook page, the twitter profile and the google+ page.

I received some visits, some people commented, some people ignored the project, and some newspapers talked about it.

At the end of the project, I made a simple PDF thanks to a wordpress plugin.

Non rubate i sogni

Yesterday I wrote to Seth Godin about it, and immediately he answered me back very polite (as usual) and he put a link in the Squidoo page of the bookย .

To me the link is the least important thing out of it. I was able to have a few email exchange with a person I admire a lot like Seth Godin. I was able to set up a nice site, to collaborate with friends, and to bring on a message in which I believe a lot: the school is screwed, and we need to stand up to change it.

From an SEO point of view, it was a nice experience, and having a link from the official page of the book is a success to me.

How did I do it?

WITH MY PASSION. Passion for changing the status quo, passion for doing something and not only complain about stuff, passion for starting a new project. I believed in something, and first of all I did this FOR ME.

I think passion is the key element on many things we have to do better.ย 

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38 Comments How I gained a link from Seth Godin

  1. Spook SEO

    Nice post Alessio! I’ve read the book myself and it got me thinking how our education system needs to change.

    On the SEO side of thingsโ€ฆ Seems like translating a written work to another language seems like an awesome way to get links. Glad that everything turned out great for you. Cheers!

    1. Alessio Madeyski

      Thanks Spook!
      I’m proud of it because I started the whole project with NO SEO purposes on mind. I had the chance to quickly talk to him via emails and I’m glad that italians can now enjoy it (language barrier can be a problem here).

      thanks for stopping by!

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  4. hyderali

    Fantastic Work Alessio!!

    This thing really inspires me & I hope I’ll also do something like this in future. I didn’t read any of his book (planning to read) but reading his little gems on his blog which makes me his fan.

    As they say in italian,

    La vita รจ bella

  5. Francesco Giubbilini

    congratulations, you’ve done a great job and you have earned the link ๐Ÿ™‚
    This is a great real example of nice inbound marketing!

  6. troyfawkes

    That’s awesome Allesio! I’m bookmarking this and sharing it with my team. Projects like this are amazing.

  7. Michael J. Kovis

    Well done Alessio! I do enjoy reading about personal achievements and accomplishments like this much more than someone telling me the do’s and don’ts of certain subject.

    It really is all about passion and being “real” (as the Muse commented earlier). If you have a passion for something you will succeed. Those successes might be small, but you still achieved it through striving for what you care about.

    Inspiring story! I hope this reaches some new eyes in the future and inspires them to chase their goals with passion as well.

  8. mmstll

    Alessio, this is awesome. Kudos. It’s all about being a real human and being helpful. It’s obvious that when you started this, it wasn’t with the intention of getting a link. I think a lot of us can learn a lesson from this story.

    1. Alessio Madeyski

      thanks Emma for stopping by!
      I just wanted to maximize the chance that italian people read this manifesto. I don’t have the time for promoting it too much, but still the reaction was good, and I hope the manifesto helped someone to change the status quo of things, without being afraid by the language barrier.

      Thanks again!

  9. Gaz Copeland

    Congrats on completing what seems like a really long but worthwhile project Alessio. I really admire your dedication to this, something you clearly believe in. I think in the SEO world we often just think 100% about links, if that were the way you were thinking here you wouldn’t have even got past the first chapter.

    As you say, this is about passion, dedication and commitment.

  10. Mike Essex

    Seth’s a great guy. I emailed him to say thanks for inspiring me to publish a novel and he replied within minutes to congratulate me on shipping my art. For someone who clearly has a lot of projects on the go to reply meant a lot to me.

    It definitely sounds like you deserved the link and nice replies too. That must have taken a lot of work!

  11. Anthony Pensabene

    Alessio like a boss.

    Dan Shure and I went to see him in January. He seemed like a real dude. You’re real dude. Real dudes like communicating with real dudes. Links /ego and all that bullshit is way in peripheral. it’s about being human.

    ‘real dudes/ettes do real things’ – SEO biggie

  12. Vinny La Barbera

    Very cool Alessio. I actually read your Italian version so thank you for that.

    I completely agree with you about passion being the driving force behind making things better. Some of the best products in the world came out of someone’s passion to either make something better or solve a problem that no one else had the passion, drive or know-how to pull off.

  13. Seโ–ฒn

    Awesome story. Nice one for finding something you found interesting and just going for it. People too often look at an idea like this and never get around to doing it.

    I’ve found the link on > under the area called ‘Feel free to post a translation’ – If any of you guys have time to give it a nudge up it would be cool to be seen as the number 1 translation.


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