Meet your SEO

What is “Meet your SEO“? Yeah, I know you are asking this, because you saw this name everywhere (twitter, magazines, billboards, newspapers, gigs…).

Meet your SEO is a project, one I’m really proud of: interview my SEO heroes. The plan is to interview as many SEOs I can, and to be honest I’m asking everyone, and I have to say SEOs are so nice and willing to participate that I’m so happy. I hope to publish at least one interview per week, maybe two.

The formula is really simple: same questions for each SEO, so you, my dear reader, can compare the different answers to know a little bit more about the person interviewed and to know different approaches to the same SEO topic.

Isn’t this great? So, if you click on the images below, you will bring directly to the interview.

So , ready to learn more about SEO with awesome SEOs? 


Gaz CopelandChris DysonShelli Walsh

Sean RevellPeter AttiaJason Acidre

Nick EubanksPeter HandleyAnthony Pensabene

Julie JoyceJoel KlettkeIan Howells

Aleyda SolisBranko RihtmanJoe Hall

Hannah SmithMoosa HemaniChris Countey

Bill SebaldMichael KovisJonathon Colman

Mike EssexSamuel CrockerAnthony Nelson

Anthony MooreBill SlawskiRoss Hudgens

Gianluca FiorelliAJ KohnAndrea Pernici

Tad Chef