Meet your marketer

Welcome all! I would like to introduce this brand new series, called “Meet your marketer“.

I received a lot of positive feedbacks for the “Meet your SEO” series, where I interview some amazing SEOs from all around the world.

I love SEO, but what I love the most is to meet new people working in different aspects of marketing, such as social media, PR, CRM, but even people working on the management side of a company, a startup…

So, I had the occasion, and I hope to have even more, to meet people I really wanted to interview…so, I said to myself “I need to create another series, where I’m gonna interview people, yeah…people who I consider amazing, not only SEOs“.

So, here we go. It’s not gonna be updated regularly, but I hope to bring some cool people in here.

Well, let me know what you think and enjoy!!!

David CohenGabriella SanninoBarry AdamsMelissa WeidenbornerEmma StillChris GilchristCyrus ShepardCrystal AndersonJulia LoganDoug KesslerWayne Barker