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Bus full of opportunities

From in-house role to agency role.

From agency role to in-house role.  It’s a bus full of opportunities. And I love to travel. (I’m the second one on the right).

I want to paraphrase Brian Eno here: I structured my life from a point of view of avoiding boredom. (aren’t you a genius Brian?).

On june 3rd I’ll start my new adventure as digital marketing specialist for Unleashed Software, a SaaS company founded in 2009 here in Auckland, New Zealand. They provide a cloud-based inventory management system for businesses and, from what I saw, they are a bunch of young and dynamic guys willing to push things and to risk.

I had a super-interesting meeting with Sarah (marketing manager), Lisa (HR magician) and Gareth (CEO) and I was amazed by their clear vision and the willing to change the status quo of things. Boom, I was sold. They are growing like hell (not sure the hell is growing, but you know what I mean), and to me it’s going to be a great chance to learn a lot of digital marketing stuff. I was looking for an experience where SEO was part of it, but not all of it, and this is it.

The office is based in Takapuna, in front of a beautiful beach, so whenever you are around there, just come and say “hi”. And I mean it, not like those companies writing this in their “contact us” page and then when you send an email they never reply to you (tip: next website update , do not write something if you don’t mean it).

I want to thank Paul and Forsyth at Digital Hothouse to have given me the chance to enter the digital world in New Zealand. I wish you all the best in your life guys! (done with romantic stuff)

All right, new gig ahead of me.

And I’m pretty sure that the soundtrack for this experience is going to be the new Jack White LP. And I suggest you listen to it too.

Yo trabajo duro como en madera y yeso.

Now fly free, my friend. *

*She is called Nbira by the way. For all of you asking. And for those who don’t.
Fly high

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