Shake your hips like battleships



There are tons of people who don’t realize they have a problem right now. They don’t drink much.

Not talking about beer or wine, I’m talking about water. Water.

And you hear it because the sound of piss drops is too irregular to be considered regular. But they think: “well, I’m pissing, so no problem”. I say: you have the problem already and you don’t know it yet.

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Empathy, the missing KPI of companies


I want to share a story with you.

When I was in New Zealand, I made few job interviews. The plan? I needed a job since I had decided to go back to Europe.

I had interviews from companies all over Europe, and I talked to different people: CMOs, Heads, CEOs and so on.

There was one interview with a German company. They are pretty big. I don’t name the company because I want to believe that what happened to me is not the standard.

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No bells on sunday

It’s sunday. And I’m listening to a playlist full of Mark Lanegan music, and that’s why I used this title.

I’m seated in Friedrichshain, Berlin, and this is the first post of the year 2015 and the first post I’m writing from Berlin.

2 weeks I left Italy for Germany, and so much happened: Giulia and I found a nice place where to live, I started a new adventure at Helpling , we rediscovered Berlin once again, and boy.. I didn’t even realize how much we missed it.

Friedrichshain was the first Berlin neighborhood where we lived in 2011; we loved this part of Berlin and it’s a good feeling to be back, long walks in places we know already, where so much changed, where so much stayed the same.

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