SEO myth: keyword density


One of the more fascinating examples of smoke and mirrors in SEO is the idea of a formula to decide how often a keyword or phrase should be repeated within a page to increase the page’s relevancy to that word or phrase.

Documentation about information retrieval (the discipline that explain how search engines work) shows that the formulas used by search engines to calculate the relevancy between keywords and documents are far more complex than those invented by SEOs.

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SEO myth: rank tracking tools give real and correct website position in the search engines


Many years ago, search engine results were pretty much static. For a specific query, the SERPs were almost the same for every user. Going forward, search engines became more sophisticated and now the results for a specific query vary, taking many factors in to considerations.

One of these factors is the location from which the user is making the query: two people in two different places might receive different search results for the same query. Other factors taken in to consideration by the search engines include what the user searched before and what the user actually clicked before. Nowadays, the SERPs are very different and are personalized based on the user.

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Dropped my cell phone down below

David Bowie



I was going up on a hill with my father. It was snowing really hard one minute, and the next thing I know, the snow was not there anymore.

I arrived to the top of the hill, when I decided to go back down.


As soon as I reached the valley, my brand new phone slipped into the water, and my father laughed.


We needed to take a plane to Bangkok, me and you. But I asked you not to take it, to do something else, and you told me you were afraid of that plane too.


You were the first person who told me about the tragic news of the death of who I consider like a father, who was going up and down the hills (Up The Hills Backwards, from Scary Monster, one of my favorite song of his), and you are scared to get on that plane, like me. The same plane that probably was taken the person who “dropped the cellphone down below“.

Exactly like the phone that dropped down in the water, while my father was laughing.