Rough guide to a lonely planet in New Zealand

You all know I’m in New Zealand right now. And if you don’t know it yet, well….all you need to know is this: I’m in New Zealand.

In this country, there is so much to do and explore, that I decided I have to buy a travel guide. You say: “What? You don’t have a travel guide yet?”. Well, I have… sort of. I have a travel guide in ebook, for my kindle, and it’s awesome, but at the same time I need some physical book for a better and faster consultation.

I generally buy Lonely Planet guides, but I’m open to suggestions. When I was looking for Lonely Planet guide to New Zealand, I decided to have a look at the New Zealand travel guide by Rough Guides. I was listening to Queens Of The Stone Age’s “Era Vulgaris” and reading Monocle, when I took my Samsung Galaxy S2 to have a look at those guides.

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