Goodbye New Zealand, hello Italy


I arrived in New Zealand in October 2013. Almost a year later, I’m going to leave New Zealand.

I decided to come in New Zealand to say hello to my sister-in-law, and visit the country. After 5 days, I started working here and so I ended up staying for a year, going up and down the North and South islands, changing two jobs, going to Sydney for a three day trip, meeting a lot of good people, meeting some not-that-good people.

New Zealand is a country that makes me excited and angry at the same time. I loved the general attitude of kiwis, I loved the black beaches, I loved swimming in the ocean (keep in mind I don’t swim, I survive when in water), I loved the birds everywhere. I didn’t love the massive use of cars, the sucking transportation system in Auckland, the waste of energy (houses here are extremely cold at winter and with no isolation).

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Meet your marketer: Max Johns

Here we go with another episode of “Meet your marketer“.

I met Max few days ago over a beer in Takapuna after almost a year I’m in New Zealand. He is going to introduce himself pretty soon, so I’ll skip it. The story is I virtually met Max when I decided that my next destination would have been Auckland, New Zealand. Looking in Linkedin for digital people based in Auckland, I found Max’s profile and since one of my passion is content strategy, I wrote to him asking to meet as soon as I would have arrived there.

That didn’t happen that fast. We stayed in touch via twitter and linkedin, and finally we were able to sit down for removing the word “virtual” to our meeting.

So with Max, the Meet your SEO/Meet your Marketer series is finally global. How cool is that? It sounds almost as cool as the new Aphex Twin LP coming out in a month. (I said “almost”).

All right Max, take the stage and rock on!

Max Johns

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Your job title is not enough


Nothing new. I always hope something changed from the last time, but it’s not.

There are people who define other people from their job title.
There are people who don’t even think to “define” other people. I like this kind of people.

Defining a person is one of the worst things ever.

Job title is, as the name suggests, a title. Are you telling me that you are not interested in my story, in who I am, which countries I visited, where I screwed up, which beer I like the most?

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Brand name in Google NZ SERPs

Just a quick post about a thing I’m noticing in Google NZ since few hours.

When searching for “inventory management” related keywords, the metatitles of my company website (Unleashed Software) and some competitors are different from what we put as <title>.

This is not really a news (we all know that Google is changing the title if it thinks it’s more relevant for the user), but have a look at these results:

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.09.51 pm Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.10.29 pm

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.11.08 pm


I’m noticing a pattern here. Google is putting the brand name first and then the description following a structure like:

<brand name> : <brand description>

Is this showing how much Google is considering the brand (in this case the brand name) very important?

Is this showing something else?

Is this just a Google experiment?

Pretty cool though. I love to deal with new stuff.