Brand name in Google NZ SERPs

Just a quick post about a thing I’m noticing in Google NZ since few hours.

When searching for “inventory management” related keywords, the metatitles of my company website (Unleashed Software) and some competitors are different from what we put as <title>.

This is not really a news (we all know that Google is changing the title if it thinks it’s more relevant for the user), but have a look at these results:

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.09.51 pm Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.10.29 pm

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.11.08 pm


I’m noticing a pattern here. Google is putting the brand name first and then the description following a structure like:

<brand name> : <brand description>

Is this showing how much Google is considering the brand (in this case the brand name) very important?

Is this showing something else?

Is this just a Google experiment?

Pretty cool though. I love to deal with new stuff.

Next step unleashed

Bus full of opportunities

From in-house role to agency role.

From agency role to in-house role.  It’s a bus full of opportunities. And I love to travel. (I’m the second one on the right).

I want to paraphrase Brian Eno here: I structured my life from a point of view of avoiding boredom. (aren’t you a genius Brian?).

On june 3rd I’ll start my new adventure as digital marketing specialist for Unleashed Software, a SaaS company founded in 2009 here in Auckland, New Zealand. They provide a cloud-based inventory management system for businesses and, from what I saw, they are a bunch of young and dynamic guys willing to push things and to risk.

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Tonzu: a brand that cares

I’m vegetarian.

Every time I move to a new city I need to discover new veggie products, like tofu, tempeh and so on.

In New Zealand, I found a great brand. It’s called Tonzu . I buy Tonzu products every week, they are good and healthy.

The other night, Giulia and I decided to eat organic tempeh with vegetables, and we found a surprise.

There was a small golden-color plastic filament coming out of my tempeh. Nothing dangerous, but still something you don’t expect to find in your plate.

Since I care about companies doing great stuff, I decided to write them, telling what I found and attaching a photo showing what I was talking about.

After one day, Tonzu General Manager Jesse Chalmers answered me back.

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Modern help: 6 months in New Zealand

I’ve been in New Zealand six months. I landed with a working holiday visa, then I got a work visa and now I have a resident visa. It all happened pretty fast, but I have to say New Zealand treated me really well. It’s a different country (for sure different than Europe – I’m still adapting), but one thing I noticed from day one is that people are nice. They smile at you, they talk to you, when I’m running (let’s say I walk fast..faster than usual) and I meet some stranger’s face for a second there is always an “hello” or “how are you?”.

I decided I needed to do more for this people. I have few ideas, I believe in changing things, I don’t accept the world as it is, I know few stuff about digital marketing, and I’m willing to share, I’m ready to do something different. I’m not the easiest person in the world to get along with, because I have the tendency to look for people… like me. I need to see some magic in people, and if I don’t see it from the first moment we met, I have a bad feeling.

I’m going to share two stories with you in this post I called “modern help” (inspired by David Bowie’s “Modern Love”).

oh cats! how cute?


I live in an Auckland area called Grey Lynn. I love Grey Lynn, I love the places here, I love the amazing park called Western Springs where I go to check the lion living there (there is a zoo nearby, and from the park you can see the lion’s cage through a hole in the fence). One of the first café I discovered when I arrived in October was “The Little Grocer”. It’s a little café where you can drink amazing coffee and eat awesome stuff (vegetarian options too). I just loved it. Few days ago in a local free magazine called “Ponsonby News” (Ponsonby is an area near Grey Lynn) I read an article saying that they want to close The Little Grocer to make a without-soul-boring-no-story café. WHAT? At the end of the article there was an email address where to write our experience with The Little Grocer and what we think about this news (this is already a great thing to do – communities, learn!).

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