Recruiters: you’re doing it wrong

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I never had a problem with recruitment agencies.

When I was a molecular biology searching for a new laboratory where to go, I signed up for some agencies that are there saying: “If you are with us, we will find a lab where you can do your PhD in few weeks” .


These agencies never answered my email back, never sent me a cool job opportunity or never gave me a contact. But in a way I knew agencies were not the way of finding a new job in the magic world of science, so I didn’t care too much.

Since I am an SEO, through Linkedin and through my site, I receive a lot of job opportunities, but I’m thinking that recruiters are doing it wrong. Here’s why.

1. they contact me with the same email they use for everyone. Ok, someone can say: they don’t have time to write a specific mail for each candidates. Well, you know what? In my daily work, I’m doing linkbuilding too, and I know the importance of being personal and taking care of the person you are trying to reach. So, you want my attention? Be personal.

2. When you ask for more info, they become aggressive. If I answer the recruiter back asking about the job position, they say : can we talk over the phone? well, NO. First , I don’t wanna talk with you. Second, if you loved to talk to me, the first approach by email should have been personal (and not that I happen to know the same email was sent out to 1000 people).

3. Problem with contact person. First John contacted me, then Hannah, then Marcus, then John again, then Sara. I mean, it’s better to have a person following the profile, rather than 10 people. In this way I have to write 10 different angry emails asking to go the fuck away.

4. If you say no, it’s a yes for them. “No, I don’t wanna talk to you over the phone”. BOOM, after 10 minutes, the front desk is calling me saying “Alessio, there is John, asking for you”. Damn, which part of “I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU” wasn’t clear?

5. If they cannot talk to you, they talk with your boss. Yeah, crazy right? but it happens. When I said “Ok, as I told you already, I am not interested in  your job offer, so have a great day”. The day after my boss said: “John called me about the job, asking my number to the front desk”. Fuck, are you out of your mind, silly recruiter?

6. You don’t need their services? Here are the brochures. Who ask for this 2 kg package full of brochures, information, news about the agencies? I said “I don’t need your services, you jerk”.

7. You are disturbing me, so at least give me some more information. You are here writing email, trying to reach me over the phone. I can MAYBE accept all this, if you are telling me more about the job position. NOPE, they don’t say anything to you. So, why should I be interested in something I don’t even know and it’s so secret? Why are you bothering me and then you play hide and seek?

I know the importance of creating a GOOD contact, a true relationship. Maybe you will receive a NO anyway from me, but at least I will answer you in a nice way, and I will talk around about you in a nice way. I don’t trust recruitment agencies because they act like assholes. Of course there are good agencies out there that I don’t know, but from my experience recruiters are really the most annoying person EVER.

So, recruiters: your job should be to build a real relationship with the person you’re saying you are interested to. So start doing this. 

My advice? If you want a job, badly, go and send a letter and your cv DIRECTLY to the company. Phone them, reach them, do something special, take a plane and make 100000 miles to go there.

Don’t go through agencies, go simply through the REAL YOU.

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