Request for all SEOs out there (including me)

I happened to see this tweet. I know Giulia, and now she is a full time marketer at Macmillian Education.

Here you can see my answer too.

BUT, I understand perfectly what she is saying.

SEO community tends to be too close sometimes. SEOs talk about SEO and related stuff in a way only they can understand.

The real challenge here is to let people understand what we are doing, in simple words. It reminds me when I was a molecular biologist. How to explain science to common people? It’s a pity that all the cool stuff scientists are doing are not practically sharable with people, students, kids, parents…

SEO is the same. First of all it would be great to talk only about experiences in order to let people understand if it’s something they can use for their situation. Then, we should be able to explain it in simple words, not so nerdy. Third, please let’s do some cool presentations (too many times I was at conferences , workshops… and I was like…oh my! really?).

SEO is an amazing discipline everyone should understand it and enjoy it. So let’s begin!

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