You have a title, so what?

me,I'm not

These days I’m finding people too much obsessed by what is written in the job title. I’m seeing people arguing and becoming kinda mad just because they want the fucking title. And there, you have it, and so what?

It’s not the title that makes you as a person. But not even as a god in something. It’s not what you write in Linkedin, or in twitter, because at the end of the day people is going to interview you and work with you. So no matter which kind of title YOU wrote, the truth on what you really are capable of will win. The title is just some letters, and most of the titles in 2012 means nothing anyway. Fuck the title, and go and do something.

Prove you earned to be considered a god in something, but not for the title, but for your ideas and work. 

I've survived, I speak, I breathe. I'm incomplete. Share the love.
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