Native advertising: where are we now?

I’m a big fan and subscriber of the magazine Monocle. I like the style of the magazine and above all the good stories I’m finding inside. We all need to read about great and beautiful things right?

In the April issue of the magazine, I found three native advertising inserts that made me think on the effectiveness of this marketing technique. Long story short: I don’t think I’m sold completely to native advertising, and I’ll show you why. 

I started notice native advertising more often after I read Doug Kessler post titled “Native advertising: trust for sale“. It’s a good post, and I suggest you to read it.

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Communication breakdown: a brand failure

This is a story of a brand in New Zealand that failed to connect with a customer. Yours truly. 5 times. 

I love magazines. I have my favorites: Monocle, Dumbo Feather, Frankie, Another Man, and some music-related magazines. What I love it what they call mook (book + magazine).

Very close to where I live in Auckland, I found a store selling all this kind of magazines. It was love from the first moment. A love that disappeared within few weeks.


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