Empathy, the missing KPI of companies


I want to share a story with you.

When I was in New Zealand, I made few job interviews. The plan? I needed a job since I had decided to go back to Europe.

I had interviews from companies all over Europe, and I talked to different people: CMOs, Heads, CEOs and so on.

There was one interview with a German company. They are pretty big. I don’t name the company because I want to believe that what happened to me is not the standard.

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No bells on sunday

It’s sunday. And I’m listening to a playlist full of Mark Lanegan music, and that’s why I used this title.

I’m seated in Friedrichshain, Berlin, and this is the first post of the year 2015 and the first post I’m writing from Berlin.

2 weeks I left Italy for Germany, and so much happened: Giulia and I found a nice place where to live, I started a new adventure at Helpling , we rediscovered Berlin once again, and boy.. I didn’t even realize how much we missed it.

Friedrichshain was the first Berlin neighborhood where we lived in 2011; we loved this part of Berlin and it’s a good feeling to be back, long walks in places we know already, where so much changed, where so much stayed the same.

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Something from December

It’s been a month, already! Can you believe it?

I’m not going to make those end-of-the-year posts about what I’m gonna do in 2015 for two reasons: 1) pretty sure nobody is giving a fuck 2) probably one minute after I hit publish, I already change my mind.

So here is a list of LPs I listened to in December 2014. December is going to be my last full month in Italy, since I’m going back to Berlin at the end of January, where a new adventure is waiting for me. Giulia and I are going to lose ourselves in the world again. Because our home is the world. Our home for now is not really having one. Or better: our home is not the typical home people have in mind (like, bought a house, gonna live there for the rest of my life). At least, not for now.

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