To code or not to code: 2012 dilemma.

2012 started with a lot of talking about it’s useful or not learning to code.

Some people are saying “hell yes, go for it, you have to learn to code”, while others are saying “learning to code is not making you a better person”.

Go for it:

10 reasons why marketing and BD professionals should learn to code

Do NOT go for it:

Learning how to code is waste of time

I decided to go for it, but not because everyone is talking about it, but just because I’ve always been curious to learn something about coding. I enjoy the Code Year Project , and I’m learning a bit of Javascript thanks to Codecademy .

Thanks to a friend of mine, I decided to start with C. I bought a book and when I have time I read a lot and try to experiment a bit. I’m doing this because I WANT TO DO IT, because I think it’s always a great thing to learn new things. I’m not saying that I will be come a master of C or Javascript, but still I will have more knowledge on something…when does this hurt someone?

So, if you want to learn coding a bit , or a lot, just do it. Don’t say you are a developer after having read a book, don’t proclaim yourself a master of a particular language. But it’s always great to learn new things. And I want to learn C.

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