Meet your SEO: Anthony Moore

Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of “Meet your SEO” monday!

So, big news of the day: NASA arrived on Mars with Curiosity (the name of the rover) , and now we are all waiting for photos and more analyses. Cool uh? Now, one thing you can do that NOBODY did already is to listen to “Life on Mars?” by David Bowie to celebrate the moment.  In this exactly same day but in 1945, Hiroshima is devastated by the atomic bomb called “Little Boy” , and around 70,000 people were killed. I think we should spend more money on exploring the space rather than dropping bombs, don’t you think?

Anyway, back to our Meet your SEO. Today I have the pleasure to chat with Anthony Moore , SEO manager at TrueAction Network. I discovered Anthony through the gang of SEOs based in Philadelphia.

So Anthony, are you ready to drop some SEO bombs? Rock and roll!

Anthony Moore

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