Meet your marketer: Barry Adams

hey readers, how’s life treating you?

I hope it’s all good! On my side, everything is good, thank you! The life is awesome especially when you discover that your Canadian dentist in Berlin is listening to some 2000s disco music when it’s operating with a microscope! great right? I think so yeah, because I felt less pain thinking that a tooth pain is nothing compared to the awful 2000s disco music.

Today I have the pleasure to talk with Barry Adams, chief SEO at Polemic Digital . Barry defines himself as “SEO polemicist” and I have to say that I started to follow Barry on twitter because he is always on the line to generate some healthy discussions about SEO, marketing, and visions in general. I like a lot when people argue with a clear mind, and I have to say I disagreed more than one time with Barry, but he is always there ready to accept it and to discuss in a very polite way (well, most of the time).

Ok, let’s begin this journey!

Barry Adams

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