Meet your marketer: Julia Logan aka IrishWonder

Welcome back everyone. Hope everything is good on your side.

So…a new episode of Meet your Marketer is beginning, but for those of you who always appreciated this series, I’m announcing the end of this series. Like Meet your SEO came to an end , I decided to stop even this series. I had a lot of fun, and I really want to thank all the people who were kind enough to participate , and I truly enjoyed to know more about few people out there.

But when it starts not to be exciting anymore, there I know I need to stop. As I told already, 2013 is going to be the year where new things are going to happen and where I need and must focus on something else to fly higher. And so, I need to stop some projects, like these interviews because basically changement requires to break some schemes. Many of you followed these two series like real fans, and read them all, always commenting and giving me suggestions. And I really appreciate this, I cannot even describe. So, thank you!

I will write some posts maybe in the future about my future choices, or maybe not. Anyway, thanks for being here and support me and all my posts!

Allright….enough. Today I have the pleasure to talk with Julia Logan , better known as IrishWonder (now, how many of you learnt about her real name for the first time??). Julia is a well-known SEO and online marketer, and you can read more about her thoughts on twitter or on her blog. She is also the CMO and project manager at Content Mango.

Ok Julia, let’s talk about a lot of stuff!

Julia Logan

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