Meet your SEO: Moosa Hemani

Halli hallo! well it’s monday. And what is going to happen? YEAH. Good answer. Another episode of ‘Meet your SEO’ will be online. And in fact, it’s going to be.

For all of you liking summer and the music coming with it, I made a playlist in spotify with some Beach Boys’ music. I’m not a big fan of them, but I do enjoy their music and I strongly believe that some of their songs are masterpiece. Moreover, they are touring for their 50th anniversary. (if you are wondering, nope…I’m not paid for this ad, it’s only I like to share music. Better than 1000 words…).

Today I have the pleasure to have Moosa Hemani, in house SEO for a real estate company, amazing SEO and inbound writer at SE Talk and other blogs. You can read more about him in his personal page or Google Plus page. He is based in Pakistan and he is here to tell us a lot of things about SEO and other stuff.

Ready to listen? OK, let the party begin!

moosa hemani

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