Meet your SEO : Peter Attia

Hello guys! I know you were waiting for a new episode of the ‘Meet your SEO‘ interview series, and today I am here to present another great SEO: Peter Attia , senior search marketing specialist at Page One. You can read more about him and his thoughts on his blog.

So…ready to this journey? Let’s have fun! (disclaimer: I choose this photo of him because it was called “Big Smiles 1″…isn’t he cute? 😀 and moreover, since in the name there is “1”…maybe he has other big smile photos somewhere?)

Peter Attia and his big smile

When did you enter the SEO world, and why ?

I got into SEO about 6 years ago. I actually didn’t mean to at all! I was just walking my dog and ran into another guy walking his dog. We were right by a pub and decided to grab a pint and let the dogs play. That guy was Jay Young. Him and his wife Julie Joyce were starting a link building agency called Link Fish Media and I thought it sounded interesting, so I joined them.

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