Meet your SEO: Shelli Walsh

Howdy alessiomadeyskizzers! today I have the honor to talk with Shelli Walsh ,  director of ShellShock, a linkbuilding agency. This is the third episode of the “Meet Your SEO” interview series , and at the end of the year I promise a DVD of all interviews with special features and behind the scenes will be out. 😀

OK, ready to rock and link?  

Shelli Walsh

When did you enter the SEO world, and why ?

I was drawn to SEO primarily as I see the internet as the future of all commerce and want to develop my own businesses online. Secondly because I am so passionate about the impact the internet has had on society. I see the internet as the second most important event in history (the first being the invention of the printing press by Guttenberg) and has radically changed the world with the mass distribution of information. I want to be involved in the digital revolution and see SEO being an essential part of shaping the internet. We are living in exciting times.

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