I’m for sale


It’s been a while, my readers. I know.

No interviews, a lot of things going on, and the beauty of living some OFFline relationships.

So I’m here to give you an update. On august 31st, I will leave the Zalando boat to try something new.

Now you’re asking: like what? That’s the thing: I DON’T KNOW (yet).

What I know is I wanna find some bad-ass project, something exciting, something where my brain is up and running and not dead.  As you all know, I’ve been and I am an international SEO for a while now, working for one of the biggest European e-commerce out there. But I need more challenges, I need to do something that I don’t even know it exists.

I love my job (except the whining, the “read my article because it’s so fuckin great” attitude, or “I’m a guru, so I don’t even look at you” behavior) and so I’m willing to keep doing SEO for big and small companies, for clients who need help. But I believe I need to do a step further, where SEO is only PART of my daily job.

I would like to help. Is this stupid? I mean, I wanna help clients to get it right. I wanna fail with people to win after some fights. I wanna risk to do something great, and to do that I need someone who is thinking like me. I need to find people who are on the same page of a book I’m writing and I’m willing to co-write with someone smart, who’s going to teach me a lot.

I wanna exit my comfort zone, and that’s why I decided to leave my company, because I need to feel the risk again of the unknown.


So, what’s next? 

In October I will fly in New Zealand (Auckland as first city) and I’ll try to bring some european knowledge there, and I’m ready to learn how things are working in that land. I’m hoping to find some badass people ready to build something great, whatever it is. I mean…I wanna live the life, that’s it.

I have one year to spend there, but who knows…Australia is near, Asia is near, and if there is something awesome, I’m ready to come back to Europe or somewhere else. I’m just looking for the right gig, to help a company grow, to help clients with their online presence.

I believe I’ll always be an SEO, but my plan is to become more a digital strategist in general. Let’s be honest: till 2 years ago, I didn’t even know what SEO was, and now I think I know one thing or two.

I’m ready. Hope you are too.