Codes of conduct [infographic]

Today I have the pleasure to host a small and nice infographic made by Margherita Gaffarelli, one of the most interesting people out there. Margherita is an Italian visual designer based in London. She works on projects ranging from integrated marketing communication, infographics, video and experiential design. She has an insane and no hidden passion for science applied to art, especially when it touches heart/body/mind. Get in touch with her even through linkedin

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In the digital age our lives are increasingly influenced by our online activities: this attitude is leading to new codes of conduct based on transparency, the need to express ourself and communicate, no matter if the content has no particular value. There is a strong need to protect our privacy, even if we are the responsible for sharing this information, and after having done it, we often regret it.

Codes of conduct by Margherita Gaffarelli

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