Illegal behavior for stupid legal reason


I was looking to buy the new Tweaker album, called “Call The Time Eternity”. I’m a big fan of Chris Vrenna , so I decided to buy LEGALLY MP3s in order to give my full appreciation to the work of a great artist.

Since I love Amazon, I decided to buy MP3s from them. So I clicked on the “Buy MP3 album with 1-click” button.

After the login, they are even asking me to review my purchase , reminding me that I’m gonna listen to my favorite music soon! Hurray!

Simple uh? NOPE!

amazon page

What the hell?

With a really ugly page, with no experience at all, Amazon (Amazon UK in this case) is same to me I cannot BUY LEGALLY my MP3s due to:


I mean, I’m trying to buy MP3s…I’m trying to buying music….HOW COULD YOU RESTRICT THAT?

So here is what’s wrong:

1) the page is awful. Amazon, you can do better, and you know it.

2) why you are not stopping me right after the login? NOPE. You’re joking with me til the end.

3) You apologise, but the only big button I’m seeing is “continue shopping“? ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME? Now I am angry.

4) “Please refer to terms and conditions”: well? are you going to PUT ME A FUCKIN LINK OR NOT? Of course not. I will take 3 days off just to search through your already horrible FAQs.

I said, OK. Let’s try on, and even but the error is always the same!

I said, OK. Let’s try on iTunes. Nothing! Because I have an italian account but a german credit card (of course, I’m living in Germany). So , nada MP3s.

Here’s my questions, you morons:

How could you imagine to LIMIT the music in this way?

How could you imagine that your customers feel when they’re trying to buying something LEGALLY and you’re not allowing them to do it?

Have you ever heard something about “illegal download”? NO? it’s really simple, but really!

Even if it’s not your fault, you should FIGHT as a shop who cares about its customers to change the status-fuckin-quo of the music industry, who is destroying music and the artists.

I wanna pay for your music, my dear Chris Vrenna, but Amazon and iTunes didn’t allow me to do it! I am so sorry.

Let’s put this as wish for 2013 together with the improvement of the New Yorker iPad app.

For now, I probably go and download the MP3s ILLEGALLY thanks to your stupid LEGAL reasons.


Sorry, again Chris, but please don’t look at me in this way.