Your job title is not enough


Nothing new. I always hope something changed from the last time, but it’s not.

There are people who define other people from their job title.
There are people who don’t even think to “define” other people. I like this kind of people.

Defining a person is one of the worst things ever.

Job title is, as the name suggests, a title. Are you telling me that you are not interested in my story, in who I am, which countries I visited, where I screwed up, which beer I like the most?

If I am a digital marketing manager or an SEO specialist or a plumber or a guy selling used socks, what’s the difference? I can be a fun guy or a pain in the ass no matter what job I’m doing. I can create magic stuff not matter what job I’m doing.

Keep in mind that if you are in a higher position than me regarding the job, you are not entitled to tell me I’m wrong regarding some personal choices. A) I don’t give a damn about your opinion. B) I didn’t even ask your opinion in the first place. C) You have the right to evaluate my work, NOT my life.

CMO, CEO, C-whatever-O, intern, manager, and specialist: they are all job titles. When a CMO is talking to an intern about job-related stuff, CMO can be on a higher level (maybe) in the conversation. If a CMO is talking to an intern about life-related stuff the two are on the same level sharing ideas, experiences, and perspectives.

Your job title is not defining you. Your job title is not making you a better person.
If your job title is ALL you have, good luck.