Many things happened

Sick of bullshit

2013. What a year. 

I quit my job. I left my safe home in Berlin for the unknown (well, 90% of it was unknown). I spent three months in Italy, back to my parents’ home (it’s my home too, but it didn’t feel like it). I arrived in New Zealand, after 2-days journey around the globe.


Because I decided I didn’t want to stop myself. Enough with all the bullshit society is putting in your head. Enough with parents saying “You should find a good job and stick with it”. Enough with the safe feeling to have money at the end of the month.

I’m 30 year old. I’m not a kid anymore, but I’m not old too. So I can totally listen to myself for once, and do whatever I feel. And that’s what I did. Fuck all the people who don’t believe in me, my way of living, my way of doing things. Thank you as well, people, because your hate and your unwanted comments made me do what I’m doing.

I worked for companies that don’t care about people, but care only about money. I believe in a world where you can think of both things, without feeling a hero or stupid. New Zealand is teaching me this: you have to care about people. Yes, I’m here since 2 months, but NZ gave me the chance to go back and talk with people face to face, to know new people, to be more open, to be more….ME.

That’s how I feel: alive. And it was too much time since I felt that way 100%.

I’m not making a list of good things, or good albums, or good movies…I love end of the year lists, but I don’t think there is somebody who’s caring enough to read mine. Hell, even this post is just random thoughts.

But the message here, for all the people who are asking “Please, give me advice on how you changed your life because I’m sick of being here with the same job and in the same city” is: enough with the bullshit in your head. Go and make your life. The life you always wanted. And change it again , and again, and again , til you’re happy.

All the bullshit you hear in your head…it’s just YOU! It’s your fault, it’s you that want to feel sick. Use the web (for once in your life) to find a great opportunity and not only to put photos of yourself in the bathroom or photos of what you’re eating. Use the web to connect, to change your life,  and you’re going to discover the web is indeed a good thing (never thought why sometimes you’re sick of the internet? Because you’re using it wrong!).

Go and make your life: it’s up to you and nobody else. Go around, explore, risk, fail, succeed, walk, run, sleep, try the new, fuck the old. You can do it. As I’m doing it.

Because your life needs it. You need it. And the world needs you.

Merry Xmas from Giulia and I.

Happy Xmas!