Meet your marketer: Gabriella Sannino

Few days ago I wrote a post about why I stopped the “Meet your SEO” series. I didn’t even imagine to have a strong reaction from community. People commented the post, wrote me on twitter, chats, wrote some stuff on Inbound.

The amazing stuff is I learnt that people do care about this project, and honestly I want to thank you all very much for your support.

I stick with the message in that post (sorry Glen), but as I said in various comments it’s not that I will stop the series FOREVER, but I’m gonna stop it as it was in the past. I would like to interview people I do care about, and who cares, in a way, about me and the project. I mean, people worth listening to.

So today I have the pleasure to talk with Gabriella Sannino, international organic SEO content strategist (as she defined herself on twitter) and owner of Level343, an american SEO and copywriting company. Gabriella is an italian SEO living and working in the US since many years. She is one of the first SEO I started to follow when I enter the SEO world myself, and I liked a lot her approach, when she asked her followers to say “hello” otherwise…what’s the point of following someone without interactions? WINNER. 🙂

OK, enough talking. Meet your marketer is up and running, and I hope you like this interview and enjoy the whole series!

Gabriella Sannino

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