The Diabetic Journal : do something, now!

Quick post.

I funded with a small amount of money the project called The Diabetic Journal on Kickstarter (thanks Swissmiss for the heads up!).

The guy working on it (called Nial Giacomelli) describes it as “An intelligent diabetic journal application for iPhone + iPod that tracks your blood glucose levels, meals, activities and medication“.

I received just to day an update, and it looks amazing:

The Diabetic Journal

I know some people and friend who have diabetes , and I truly think that the whole world of pharmaceutical companies is so FUCKED UP that people are not allowed to have REAL solutions. The developer is saying this in the update too, saying he tried to contact some organizations just to promote his app (not money required, just a link) but they answered they are not ready to share the thing because of “competing interests”.

Why you should stop something like this? Why are you SO afraid?

I mean, we have the iphones, ipods, and whatever…and for once we can use them for STUFF THAT MATTERS rather than just to take pictures of cats and of what you eat, or to share facebook updates and stupid tweets.

I really hope this guy is gonna make it, and I’m so proud of being part of this project. I think all people who cares enough for the other should donate a small amount of money (1$ is ok too!).

Let’s turn the devices we use every day in something useful. Let’s help people who need this to have this app (that is going to be always for free!) up and running. It looks even amazing, rather than the crappy stuff pharma companies are giving to us.

Do something, now! We can change the world, even if we are not diabetics. Let’s stand up and fight for something!