Things are broken

I went to The Warehouse here in Auckland to buy some stuff for my new home. After I paid a conspicuous amount of money, the guy at the cash register said I could not take the basket with all my stuff out, while I was allowed to take my cart out. Someone can explain me why? #broken

I went to a library using a PC for printing some stuff out. I was allowed (after I booked it) to use the PC for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, I didn’t finish to do what I had to do, so I went to the library guy asking to add some more minutes to my account. He said it was NOT possible. The standard procedure was I needed to disconnect myself, go to him, book some minutes again, wait for my turn and then use the PC. Someone can explain me why? #broken

I went to a bar, asking for three cappuccinos and some croissants to TAKE AWAY. I received all the stuff after 20 minutes. I didn’t want to hang around the bar, I went directly to the take away spot, and there were at least 6 people working in that exact moment (with no order at all). 6 people and still 20 minutes for a coffee? If you are not able to organize your work, you shouldn’t allow the customer to pay for it. Someone can explain me why the customer is always at the bottom? #broken

“If you spend 6$ I’ll give you a stamp”. Thing is I spent 5.80$ and you refuse to give it to me. Are you really willing to waste a good relationship for 20-fuckin-cents? Why not just saying: “I shouldn’t, but who cares….I value you coming in my shop every day”. #broken