Why I occasionally hate the web

I decided to call this blogpost like this , inspired by two posts: “Why I occasionally hate Google” and “Why I occasionally like Google“. And not, I’m not working for the awesome Koozai team.

Today I received an email , from the contact form of my blog. Here it is!


Name: Bill Laurance

Email: no-reply@reviewshowcase.com

Comments: Google is now using business reviews to determine business ranking. People are trashing companies with reviews, Complaint sites and Blogs.



We can help you defend your company by posting positive Reviews, Blogs and creating Websites to take over Search Results and control what people see about your company.

Tired of review sites? Hire us to knock them off the front page of Google under your search term.
Our company has been in the business of taking over the first page of google for our clients for 8 years and knocking off complaint sites. We can do the same for your company and review sites.
We will create special websites and blogs and link them to the 15 thousand websites we already have. These websites will knock the review sites away and replace them with content you control




now, that’s why sometimes I hate the web, because there are people doing this. I know it’s nothing new here, all of you probably received this kind of emails every day.

But fuck this: I mean, you want to spam my email? Do it, but at least write my name somewhere, so it’s more personal. “Defend my company”? I wish I own one, or maybe not…whatever, still, I don’t have a company.

And moreover: what the fuck are you offering???? You think you are good at blackhat?

well, let me tell you this: you are doing CRAPHAT.

So really, stay out of the web next time. So the web can be a better place.

This post was written listening to Iron Maiden’s ‘Flight 666’

Iron Maiden Flight 666