Don’t talk , do!

year zero by NIN

Simple post here.

There are things that happen in my life, inside and outside the SEO world, that open my eyes.

My advice: don’t talk too much, DO SOMETHING.

People spend a lot of times talking , but then don’t do nothing.

If you have no experience in SEO, don’t tell me you are good at SEO. If you manage to have 1 link by chance, don’t say to everyone you are able to do linkbuilding.

Keep things to yourself, improve, experiment and do something. Then, we can talk.

Be humble, and don’t talk shit. It’s sad and annoying. For example, I’m doing SEO since one year , but I cannot say I am a good SEO. Because I’m learning a lot right now, and maybe in some times I can say I can do some good SEO.

Be humble with people, because smart people recognize people telling bullshit. And this behavior is leading you nowhere.

Don’t talk, DO!