My first SEO birthday

SEO hat

Exactly one year ago I started my SEO career.

It’s been one of those year I’m gonna remember for all my life. I was a molecular biologist first, and then I had this amazing opportunity to enter the magic world of SEO.

Just few things I learnt, and I wanna share with you:

Use twitter to engage with other SEOs around the globe;

Don’t be afraid: you are learning SEO, so if you say some stupid things is ok. If they defollow you or laugh at you, no problem…bad people are everywhere.

Read some cool blogs and site BUT then start doing something. You can have all the theory you want, but the SEO is made of practice.

Everybody keeps on talking about it… nobody’s getting it done : you are overwhelmed everyday by news, tricks, posts and whatever. And sometimes you want to retweet the news before the others, like it could change your life. Well, you know what? talk less and do more (I’m telling this myself everyday, hoping to do more with the passing of the days).

What happens in the US is different from what happens in Europe.

You can learn SEO no matter what you did in the past: start from a internship or basic position. A great SEO is made by a great mind, not by a great CV.

If you manage a team, be part of that team, work with them, laugh with them, interact with them . If you have a great team, like I have, 95% of the work is done.

Don’t stop learning new stuff….EVER.

When you talk with people who look at you thinking “ah, this new SEO people bullshit…I am the real expert”, say thanks and go away from them. You are not gonna learn anything from these people.

The so-called “experts” sometimes are dicks.

SEO is NOT dead. Actually SEO is pretty cool.

SEO or inbound marketing? WHATEVER, go out and make some good stuff. Your results will show who you are.

Linkbuilding is great. Onpage stuff is great. Do what makes you happy.

White hat, grey hat, black hat? WHATEVER. Do and try everything. It worked? good for you. It doesn’t? no problem. try another thing. Wear the SEO hat.

Work with your PR team, social media team, onsite team, PPC team….work with all the people you can…because you can create great things with less effort.

Be humble.

When you build links, get in touch with people in a real way. Not only because it’s more simply to have a link in this way, but you can learn a lot from others.

Distrust someone who has a position and for this reason thinks he/she knows everything about SEO, when in reality is not reading an article since many years and thinks that Google Panda is the new Google’s mascot or that keyword density is the most important thing in the world (like: “what do you think about the war in Iraq?” … “well, I think Americans are in trouble because their strategy didn’t include keyword density from the beginning!” … palmface)

Put some MAGIC in SEO and good things will follow.

Put some MAGIC in your life in general.

 Be patient. Be patient. Be patient.

I want to thank a lot all the great SEOs I follow on twitter because they are making me a better SEO every day. The names? Go and see who I follow

This post was written listening to VCMG’s Ssss.