Thing to dismiss: the wallet

A simple post just to say that I’m looking forward to the time when we will NOT use the wallet anymore.

How is it possible that in some place people are saying: “we don’t accept cards”. WHAT? WHY? what’s your problem?

You have this wallet full of things, coins and money, cards, business cards, papers and photos about you 10 years ago.

It’s heavy, usually, and when the summer arrives, it could be a problem: you have to bring it with you everywhere, when the first thing you wanna do when the sun is shining is to be free and light.

We can avoid to take diseases through coins (take a look at what type of germs you can find on money). We can avoid to be robbed (you can block the card right away). And we can avoid to go around the world with a stupid and usually ugly wallet.

I asked around, even  to the best looking man in the world, and he totally agreed with me.

Everyone should accept cards. No matter what. So you can go around only with a card. A thin card. Not saying anything about paying with your mobile, but still with a little effort we can ELIMINATE the wallet, in a really simple way.

This post was written listening to Monolake’s Ghosts. And if you haven’t listened to it yet, well…I am sorry for you 😀

Monolake - Ghosts